How much is a Vehicle Title Bond?

When do I need a Vehicle Title Bond?

Vehicle Title Bonds are required when a vehicle title is lost, missing, or stolen. These Bonds are issued for a term of 3 years. In North Carolina, these bonds must be issued for 1.5 times of the vehicles value.

How to Obtain My Vehicle’s Value?

In order to obtain a Vehicle Title Bond, an appraisal of the vehicle is needed. This can be done through the current Value Schedule, which is obtained by visiting a North Carolina DMV License Plate Agency. You can also obtain the vehicle’s value by calling the North Carolina DMV Customer Contact Center at 919-715-7000.

If the vehicle is not listed in the Value Schedule, 2 appraisals from North Carolina Dealers will be required. The dealers must provide these appraisals on their letterhead.

How Much is a Vehicle Title Bond?

For Bonds that are $6,500 and under in value, the cost is usually $100. Bonds over $6,500, pricing will vary. Obtaining a vehicle title bond is quick and easy. Click here to get started.

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