6 Reasons to have an Independent Insurance Agent

There is a growing a debate about how to purchase insurance, whether it’s on-line, over the phone, with a captive insurance agent, or an independent insurance agent.  While there is not one outlet that is best for all, we feel consumers should way their options when it comes to the insurance buying experience. In addition, consumers need to look at how their policies will be handled once coverage has been purchased.

When looking at purchasing insurance through an independent insurance agent, contact Farris Insurance Advisors for a thorough review.

Below is a great article from our friends at Erie Insurance about why using an independent insurance agent makes a difference.

Let’s face it: There are so many ways to buy insurance these days. As long as you’re covered… does it really make a difference how you get there?

Oh, yes.

A better insurance experience starts with a local, independent Erie Insurance agent. (Find one here and see for yourself.)

To us, a policy is a promise – and who you buy it from matters. Not just anyone can become an ERIE agent. We’re selective, because our culture is deeply rooted in providing service with a human touch.

Here are 6 reasons why our customers say they love working with our agents:

  1. They’re local. We believe help should never be far from home. ERIE agents live, work, play and give back to the same communities you do. Plus, when you buy your policy through a local insurance agency, you can feel good that your money is flowing back into your local economy, too. 
  2. They’re independent. An independent agent gives you options. If ERIE isn’t the best fit for your insurance needs, our agents can help you find coverage with another company instead. 
  3. It’s personal. Insurance is more than just a transaction. At ERIE, we’ve always believed the heart of this business is treating people right and forming relationships. With an agent, exceptional service is an everyday indulgence that every customer deserves. 
  4. They know their stuff. Your ERIE agent knows insurance inside out and upside down. They want to help you understand what coverage you’re buying, why it matters and how it works. 
  5. Because life can change quickly. Marriage, children, home buying, starting a business… life’s changes come with new goals and dreams. Your agent knows you personally and can help you understand if your insurance coverage is keeping up with your life. 
  6. It’s not just a job… it’s a calling. Our agents love what they do – protecting all that matters most to you. And that makes all the difference.

At ERIE, we’ve been working side-by-side with the best agents in the business since 1925. Today, more than 5 million customers trust our agents to help them with their insurance needs. Find an ERIE agent in your neighborhood and get in touch.

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